Fall of the mighty hero- Pride.

History is always created. And re-created. We write the history of our own lives. We recreate our own history too. Sometimes we build our own mighty hero for safeguarding our image. We build the mighty hero called Pride. Just like the fall of any brave hero, our Pride has its own fall. But it rises… Continue reading Fall of the mighty hero- Pride.



are you anxious? Anxious about future? Anxious of how you will manage everything? Fear not. Time and situations teach you lessons of life. You can never know how desperate someone can be to lead a peaceful life. You may feel like giving up, crying daily. Things may not go your way but you have to… Continue reading Future.


Such power, holds your glower. Words dry up, I endeavour, again. I  feel the breath of your very own soul, with my heart taking toll. I am overcome, by impuissance. So guide me through, the utopia where at least your love for me exists.


  The people of our society would really enjoy debates on the sensitive and vulnerable issues. To name a few, Women Empowerment.Equality.Feminism.Gender Bias. Not one but a zillion of blogs,articles,columns and books are written on them. This one right here is another one added to that zillion list. All the people (by all I mean… Continue reading Panorama.